Through out history, technological advances have affected the landscape of our built environment. It has allowed us to create systems and networks that have made the advances readily adaptable for the benefit of the people and society at large. In this representation of democracy, these systems and networks have subdued craft into an industrial monotony. As a result of this confluence, our built environment has been relegated into a state of apathy.

Technology has allowed the distortion of Architecture and Design. In the Twentieth Century economy of means and transportation has strategically driven the process of design to its present condition. To compete with and against this notion of technology is the key to subverting the present notion of Architecture and Design in this homogeneous terrain. No longer will the processes of manufacturing and its assembly line production repudiate the exigency of design.

Technology has re-democratized the goals of craft and content from one who is the consumer to one who is the producer. The production of craft and content on a personal and tactical level becomes the foundation behind design. The collapse of the mind and the body to fabricate, though the medium of technology exemplifies where my investigation and research emerges.